Let's Make Robots!

Generals "Army"

Whats up the Generals Sleevy ?

His Army of course.......

Robot arm is build ... works better than calculated.... just one more bit to print to connect it to the S2 unit.

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Printed a new "Mini Skirt" with cradle for Servo.... so its now mobile...
I have connected a Mouse which makes it easy to test all movement possibilities :-

Does the rear end need counter-weighting now? That is a beautiful add-on.  Without a doubt you have the world's most beautiful Scribbler!

As it happens the Arm is pushing down on the S2s "Bogie" wheel at the back....

The mouse attachment makes it a dream to control ....sooooo easy.

Indeed the "Mini Skirts" will turn some eyes.....

It's almost a scorpion (in my alma matter's colors no less.) You could modify the gripper with your glue stick linear actuator and a syringe full of venom! Was that the design plan all along?

That bot is looking amazing, G. Can't wait to get a closer look at the way you did the joint in the backside of those servos. I've been working on a system to use in joints like that, but so far my efforts have left me with more play than I was aiming for. I'm using an m3 bolt going into a 3x3x8mm ball bearing, and it can definately be improved upon.

I like the large surface area connecting the two pieces. It looks like yours would be a lot stiffer when side-to-side strain is on the joint.

Can't wait to see more!


Indeed a lot hangs on the orientation of the printed part....

The Mini skirt is 1cm thick and i have integrated the servo cradle with a 1cm X 2.5cm surface area, this appears to work well.

I will be making many tweaks to support the Servos structurally, after all they are only 9gramme servos so they cant really be pushed. One plan is to draw with a light weight UV_laser on a vertical plane (which is a change for me)