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Conductive Ink ... is your Bath Sponge Safe

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nice post ... love things like this being posted .... weird and interesting things that i had no idea about ... same goes for the artificial muscle from fishingline found that very interesting too and will have to give it a try sometime.
I am awaiting a delivery of the above conductive ink... ...and i already have an idea by coating some fishing gut with it... ...stay tuned ..

cool i take it your going to try the artifical mucle from fishing line .... was thinking combining the fishingline and conductive ink would be a good idea ... have tried to make a artificial mucle from fishingline ... no success yet but have found when u wind it up like shown in video and then heat it (i used a hair dryer lol) it then holds that shape ... and is kind of like a spring .... but had no success in getting it to do what it did in video eg contract and expand ......  but will keep trying when i get time as i thik it would be brilliant to get to work .....

so eagerly awaiting your experiements ....

Awesome channel - like experiementing for yourself - while not having to do it!

Thanks - Subscribed :)