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Roger, the Roving Robot

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Roger has been working like this for a while, but I never went around to make a video of it. Here it is. I added some white LED's as head lamps and that is about it.



 I was working on roger, and I finally programmed him and got all of his ports working correctly! Roger just runs around and moves, but doesnt really do anything useful yet. I also comment on my ASUS1000HA netbook. I LOVE IT. BUY ONE. 




12-23-08 Approx. 10:29 PM

So, I added more stuff to Roger and he is coming along quite nicely. The only thing I need is some reed switches, so if anybody would like to donate a identical pair, please comment, send me a PM, etc! I added more power indicators, motor voltage switch, 3rd deck, PIC18F2525, and more. Check out the video for more information.



12-22-08 Approx. 12:33 AM

Look familar? I decided to jump back on the robot-wagon after a busy summer/fall, and I decided to rename AREV to Roger the Roving Robot for ease of pronounciation and simplicity (NO MORE ACRONYMS). I Also tested the SN754410 Motor Controller, Hooked it up, and added the Voltage regulator board instead of having a regulator on the CPU board. Overall, I have made it much easier and better than past attempts. I PROMISE to get video of this thing. Right now I have been trying to design a type of Optical Encoder to fit in the tight spaces that this robot has.

 Good Luck Comrades!

High Resolution pictures, only the best for LMR

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I found a Hall effect sensor on a flexible circuit board that I was thinking about using. Good/great idea though.
Hey, good to have you back, Krumlink :)

Hey, congrats on your PC :D

And nice progress on roger too :) 

Very compact and packed full, just as i like a robot to be :)
looks a very complex bot.. will look forward to see it in action  ;)
I PROMISE to make a video of it working :)