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Graphene Rocks

I have been searching for some conductive ink for some projects for some time now, its not so easy to get and very expensive.

I have been following :- Robert Murray Smith he is a prolific designer .... of all sorts....

Luckily for me he is currently working on a series of Graphene based products - one of which is conductive ink (just what G needs)


I contacted Robert to ask if he could try dipping a bath sponge into some of his conductive ink....and guess what he made with the results (in just 2 days) :-

  1. How to make conductive sponge 
  2. How to make an Air Battey
  3. Salt Water Desalination

There are un-limited things that can be done with this ink..... my brain hurts only thinking about its wild properties...

He has a  Indiegogo campaign to help fund further development (with some cool perks attached for funders :-) ....