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The field of robotics has advanced greatly in recent years, having a large field of research in finding solutions to everyday problems, such as problems solving mazes and test new designs.

The objective of the study is the practice of using an autonomous robot with ultrasonic sensors in solving mazes, using automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and computational logic for educational introduction to robotics.

Verifying and analyzing the logic used in the process of solving mazes, where there is only a beginning and an end, autonomously, without human intervention.

In it was used prototyping platform electronics free hardware , the ARDUINO , which through its programming language, the Wiring, a derivative of C/C++, you can write the program with the necessary logic for the development of automation around robot, where there are three ultrasonic sensors for measuring and monitoring the distances from the walls of the maze.

At the base that supports are three wheels, with two individual motors controlled by an integrated circuit connected to Arduino manipulating the speeds of these motors and a wheel without a motor in order to get around.

A real model was introduced to solve this kind of problem and was analyzed both the theoretical and practical as this solution was made. The robot solves the most varied paths of mazes and may use it for different types of experiments and projects involving artificial intelligence and robotics in the context of computer science.


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