Let's Make Robots!

LMR in Google

I am replying to the message Frits posted on the start page.

I did a qick check about the google presence and there is no sign of disappearance. I am sure it just had a small hickup due the website changing (owner) and/or registration.

As we all want LMR to be the #1 I am also putting links whereever I see fit. Please do the same but do not spam other forums, just place the link where you think it's appropriate.


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There was a strange drop in searches a few days ago as reflected on the "webmaster tool." The numbers are bouncing back up. We didn't disappear from google, but the number of times we turned up in results fell to 1/100th what they had been.

"lets make robots", first result: letsmakerobots.com

No problem here.

Hi! I also checked this weekend and everything seemed ok. I did some research at google and replied with a series of links to the LMR.