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SmartRap received

Here we are: I received all the parts to build my own SmartRap

For the moment, just a quick unboxing:


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Post pics and vids after you have it together. I have most all of the parts for mine now.

I have a nice amount of extra work that prevent me from building quickly my SmartRap.

But at least I have cleaned a dedicated space on my second desk.

The base is built, I need to shot some pictures.

Just be sure to check with Serge, inventor of the smartrap, that the latest tunigs are released.

I heard he is going to release today or tomorrow a new way to calibrate, without a servo. He will relase 2 or 3 plastic parts to do it direct with the head.

I'm excited to hear more about this printer!

Hope it will happen :)

On top of a crazy amount of work stuff, I have to prepare a kid's coding event and finalize a french version of amazing tutorials ;)

Awesome! Look forward to seeing it all put together.