Let's Make Robots!

Kickstarter: MicroView: Chip-sized Arduino with built-in OLED Display!

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Good luck to them.

I suppose it could be popular for teaching Arduino programming in schools if they seriously discounted the price for educators.

Stripped of so many I/O pins combined with such a small display makes it pretty useless for most robotic projects. The pins sticking out the back make it less than suitable for jewellery.

My age is forcing me to express my grumpiness. Why to you need to handicap an Arduino to add an OLED to your project?

Wouldn't it be easier to add one of these cool $5 OLED screens Ladvien told us about? You'll still have $50 to decide what sort of Arduino or other microcontrol you want in your project.

Okay, I'll turn down the grumpiness for a bit. It does look cool.

Sorry that's all I could manage. Grumpiness back on.

What the heck? Why didn't I think of this first? Oh yeah, it's stupid ($300K stupid).

4D Systems has been doing this sort of thing for ages. I guess they forgot to add a shiny bezel.

When did I get this grumpy? I think waiting for my Pixy is doing it to me. It certainly couldn't be my fault.

I hear the choir in your church, and they are singing the same tune!  Grumpy old men, unite!

It is kind of cool, but $45 is a lot for an Arduino with a display ($55 with a usb programmer).  The code to work with the display does look pretty nice to work with, but it seems a bit steep for convenience and the small form factor.  You still have to power it somehow too so that small form factor won't be so small for long.  

The added value of a course, the library to run the OLED would be great for someone really new to Arduino (as if after a year of doing this, I am REALLY that experienced let's face it).  Those folks should have googled before they coughed up $$ though.  A lot cheaper ways to learn Arduino are on the net.





Never mind. I must be wrong. Dave Jones of EEVBlog likes so it must be cool (no this isn't sarcasm (not much anyway)). I do like EEVBlog.

I must just be in a grumpy mood.

But come on? I can't be the only one puzzled by this?