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krOnchBot - guiding my first steps into robotics

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Hi! I am a recent robotic hobbyist and started learning this week only. So pardon my simple designs. With the limited time and material that I have at my disposal, I was able to make this current robot. The basic structure rests on a computer "mouse" to which I have added few CDs as wheels. I call this "krOnchBot" - which is a character of Hindu mythology - mouse of Lord Ganesh. Thus compiling the east and the west.

Materials needed

  • 1 x Arduino uno
  • 1 x Servo
  • 1 x L293D motor driver
  • 2 x Geared motors
  • 1 x Sharp GP2D12 analogue distance sensor
  • 1 x Computer mouse
  • 4 x CDs
  • 2 x Bottle cans
  • 2 x Batteries (9V, 6V)
  • 1 x Battery holder
  • 2 x Battery connector
  • 6 x Jumper wires: male to male
  • 1 x USB cord
  • 1 x Glue gun
  • 1 x Soldering iron
  • and a little bit of imagination.

Circuit diagram: Attached

Code for arduino programming: Attached

Just be sure that sometimes the code for motors need a change as one might connect them to alternate motors.
Thanks to all the community members for their vluable posts and detailed model designings. Hope to make something better and useful.

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you will include info about how your bot is controlled? You know, controller, sensors, power, motivation (motors/servos). I know there is a place you can do that. I think it is the Additional Information section.

Welcome aboard.


Would love to see more details about how you built it, what makes it run, etc...


sorry..did not knew how it was going to turn out...so didn't made step by step photos...

I bet I missed the bit of your post where you mentioned what parts you used. I didn't document my first robot very well either. I hope to do a better job on my second one. :) It only took me about two years of hanging around here before I posted my first one. :D

I'm always impressed by robot done with everything that lays on a desk.

It is a very nice way of building something, I like that.