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XLRobots XLR-6 Hexapod


Here is the new XLR-6 Mech Warfare Ready Hexapod. 12 servo leg system with a center under mounted servo for the custom 3d print swivel base. HD wireless cam, HIgh Detail body and framing. Switchable foot system from Mech battle heavy duty armr foot to the thin racer foot. dual airsoft canons attach t the dome top by removing the cam and relocating it in the fitted space ontop of the canons. powered by 3 7.4v 1300ma Lipo's and the ez-robot v4 controller. comand the bot via voice or app control. stand 19" tall this is a beast of a bot.

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size against can of soda.

break away view

heady duty foot

speed foot and the battle foot.

under belly of the beast.


I have to ask.... Can it move? That seems like a lot of weight for 2 DOF per leg. What kind of servos are you using?

Nice build!

Thanks for the compliment. It moves well using MG995 servos at 7.4v off the unreleased EZ-Robot V4 controller. The print was done with only 5% fill and 4 shells. The weight in comparison with the 6 to 1 ratio works well. BUt the MG995's are only used for testing. Im going to be swapping them out for high torque servos once they come in. I will be posting the video of its walking and such soon. there is also a scanner light in the front and the side marker lights that im adding as well.,