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Stubborn picaxe 8m board

I'm kind of new here so after I failed at just connecting my board, I talked to Chris the Carpenter about it. He couldn't figure out the problem after he reminded me that i needed a jumper cable and it still didn't work. Now, I have some weird little soldering joints on the back that the excess was attaching to other joints on acident I think. Here is a picture that shows where the soldering is attaching in globs to other joint. The joints are between the two prongs at PROG and between the three at the three resistors


PICAXE-MtrDriverBrd-01-L_with_soldering.JPG39.08 KB

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Also; In the editor, Options - did you have a port selected?

Can you take a picture of how your battery is connected?

/ Fritsl

OK -Just to make sure, first: You did read the maual, and set the jumpers as you should, right?

/ Fritsl

i would like to help, but I am completely lost here - Did you not buy the cable? if so, just plug it in!

I do not get what the problem is?

"A jumper cable" What on earth is that? 

/ Fritsl

Here is the scoop. I bought a picaxe 8M motorboard, and a serial cable. I hooked it up to 4.5V power and installed the picaxe editor software on my computer. Then I tried to just connect to my board and I kept on getting the connection failed to board error.

When I tried the led test, my board failed to show any voltage between the Prog and 0V.( unless i hooked it up to the wrong 0V terminal).  

Well, there is always desoldering braid from Radio Shack.... Very easy to use and you can get rid of the excess solder and try again. If the terminals are just a little stuck together, you can try to gently scrape/ cut them apart with an exacto knife...  

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