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Stubborn picaxe 8m board

I'm kind of new here so after I failed at just connecting my board, I talked to Chris the Carpenter about it. He couldn't figure out the problem after he reminded me that i needed a jumper cable and it still didn't work. Now, I have some weird little soldering joints on the back that the excess was attaching to other joints on acident I think. Here is a picture that shows where the soldering is attaching in globs to other joint. The joints are between the two prongs at PROG and between the three at the three resistors


PICAXE-MtrDriverBrd-01-L_with_soldering.JPG39.08 KB

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I have no experience with Picaxes, but it's probably safe to say that if there are solder bridges between terminals, they're a problem (if they wanted to join those two pins, they'd have done it on the PCB itself, not with solder). So I'd try pulling off some of the solder with solder wick, or like they said above, if it's small enough, you can try and scrape the joint off with a hobby knife.


This thing goes STRAIGHT BACK to Sparkfun Electronics!!!


As a matter of fact, just mail them a link to this very page, and tell them what bad they are doing to their rep - that should make them send you a new board WITH MANUAL right away!!!

I would like to hear if anyone else has recieved boards from Sparkfun - without manuals, or with extra solder on the back, we will show the world!

But for now - let's just hope they are sorry, mistakes happen, and they ship you a new right away!

(Or else..!) :)

/ Fritsl

I just emailed them that I am going to return it because they like it if you do that when you want to return something. I'll mail it in tomorrow as soon as they give me the code for the return.

Since they only have 1 left in stock, I think ill just buy the same thing from the other company based in the U.S. and bypass the time it takes for them to get it and ship another back.

Edit: BAH, the other place doesn't have a picaxe 8 motor board, and I cant find it elsware. :(

Tough luck!!!

Hmm.. Perhaps wait till you have money or the Picaxe 28-pack? The 8-version is EXTREMELY limited, you should know.

/ Fritsl

Well, yes two of them are supposed to be hooked together, but the third one is also hooked to them because of excess solder. also there is some between the two prongs at the jumper site

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