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555 Solar-Wind Controller -- For Ossipee

Ok.  I'm building a parts list for an SMD version of this guys 555 Charge Controller.  So far I've replaced,

  1. NE555 DIP with an NE555 SOIC.
  2. 1N4001 with S1BB.
  3. IRF540 with SUD50N03 (thanks, Bdk6)  FQB33N10L.
  4. 10k Trimpot (SMT, TC33X)

Here is his schematic


Here is my Eagle version:


Ok, here is the first layout (1.32" x 1.03").  I think I can shrink it more if I consider using a different fet.

TOP (v01)

BOTTOM (v01)

If anyone has any thoughts or critiques, feel free to yell at me. :)


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I actually built this circuit about 3-4 years ago, and it works awesome. I wouldn't mind pulling it out of the box and putting it on a proper PCB. This project was where I first learned all the finest details of the beloved 555. Oh, the memories. Awesome thread.

I had to add a heavy duty switch to mine so that I could short out the wind turbine coils in the event of high winds effectively putting on an E-brake. High speed rotation and the slightest change in wind direction have enormous destructive gyroscopic forces on the poor thing. ;)

Excellent suggestion, sir.  I'll try to add the short.  

Question, I'm trying to make an embeddable circuit; what sort of push buttons did you use? Or did you use a uC?  Right now, I have SMD buttons for prototyping, but when I have a board working I'll probably add the relay and larger buttons and send it to Itead.  They have like 2x2" PCBs x 10, for ~$10.

I hope you are well, sir.

Check out www.partsexpress.com for cheap automotive relays and sockets with leads attached.

Wow, those are cheap.  Thank you, sir.

with through hole parts.

The pots, relay, switches, and power I/O are all just header footprints, because I was not positive on their footprints. The above board is 1.96" x 1.5". I should probably increase the hole size for the leads on the diode. :P

Also, if I may ask, what relay did you use?  It calls for a 40 A.  I left my as terminal ends rather than mount the relay on the board.  But if I can find a SMT relay that can handle the power, I'll throw it on.

I'm full of questions: I've been meaning to ask what PCB cad you use?  KiCad?

the auto shop and buy a relay that would fit the bill. Another reason for the header on the board rather than a footprint.

I use gEDA for the schematic work and PCB to generate the actual board layout. As much as I would like to say it is possible to run it on Windows, I have yet to have any luck with it.

Is it one sided? Plan to etch it?

Etching is a possiblity.

Nifty! Did it turn out?  

I don't suppose you have your schematic or files up somewhere?