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Little brother of GOOFY.

Line follower

This is my second line follower robot. It is very cheap. Thanks to the light construction it's faster than previous robot GOOFY.  Small motors are directly soldered to the base-copper coated board. 





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Hmm, i Love it.

 Ist that a copper Base? And the Gear, is that form the Asuro? How do you fixed it on the copper Base?

Base is made from FR-4 copper-clad board. Yes-gears are from dead ASURO (actually I dont think ASURO is a good platform for robotic experiments though...) . Axis which holds gears are made from brass or similar material and are soldered to base like it's done on ASURO.

hello, I'm very new to the world of robotics, but I like to learn.
could you give more information as it built please

Thanks a lot.



please help!!

I am new in robotics and very interested to build a line follower robot so please help me !!!!!!

please send me more information like circuit diagram and parts list. 

Thanks a lot



Why not just buy a kit? Search the intertubes there are a ton of kits for sale.