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Trouble with hard reset of PICAXE 08m

I am brand new to microcontrollers and I seem to be having an issue with my 08m. When the chip is waiting for inputs (INFRAIN2, readadc) it hangs, which I believe is expected behavior. However I am unable to re-download a bas module once this has happenned. I have tried the documented hard-reset (turn off power, start the download, then turn on power) to no avail. I think I have broken two chips now! Any ideas as to what I may be doing incorrectly?

Thanks in advance!

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Are you using resistors in your download circuit? Are you using a project board? What voltage are you using? Please post some pictures and additional details. Sometimes I have to do 3 or 4 hard resets. Also describe what you are doing.

Press reset button or remove batteries, press F5, reconnect batteries or release reset button.

I have had this issue many, many times and it has always been some stupid, simple thing I am missing... I think I have done everything you can do wrong to these chips and they are pretty bullet-proof (I haven't used a 9v yet, though). At any rate, every time I have a problem like this, it allways ends up with me saying "damn, why didn't I notice that"... Case in point, I fried 4 pots before I remembered the data pin (for analog signal) on the 28x board is in the MIDDLE!!! My advice, grab your multimeter (measure-thingy) and check everything step-by-step...

One more, I have noticed that sometimes my Picaxe Programmer just seems to stop sync'ing from time to time, for no reason at all... I have to close and reopen the program to get it working again. This might be a problem with my computer -i.e. cache or memory or something, but there you go.


----This is a simple problem, you just gotta find it.