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Someone once mentioned it is possible to program a PICAXE in C. Is this true? Anyone have any experience with this? This seems odd since I thought all a PICAXE was is a PIC with a BASIC interpreter.

Just curious...

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For the record: The Picaxe chips are standard chips that can be programmed in standard editors. The only thing making them "Picaxe" is a program in them. What this program does, is that it makes them eat the Picaxe BASIC language the way they do.
I know you can program PIC processors in C. Some pics like the 18F4550 have an optimised instruction set for C. The Picaxe programming editor has an option to convert your code to assembly if you have their programmer attached. I can't see the point of that unless your using the programmer to program a non picaxe pic processor. If you put a picaxe chip in a programmer you'll simply overwrite the bootstrap code. Thats the only way I know of.