Let's Make Robots!

What did you get for Christmas

I figure sooner or later someone will ask this anyway. So lets show everyone the cool robot stuff we got for Xmas :)


I got a PIC18F4550 development board. This has a 20Mhz crystal but via internal PLL can run at up to 48Mhz. It can be reprogrammed via USB and has 32Kbyte program memory and 2Kbyte ram. The bread board in the middle can be removed to reveal plated through holes/pads (you can see some either side of the breadboard). I might solder in some "H" bridges later. On the right it has some LEDs, pots, speaker and switches that can be used with the breadborad for prototyping. The post are spaced to take 2 mini boards such as RTC, Eeprom etc.

Now I just have to work out how to program it as the manual only covers the hardware. It does come with sample software but a lot of it is VB6 or C.

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 I got the turbot *sigh*

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

i got this nice graphic card! (asus eah4870) 


I hope it's as fast as it looks. Love the girl on the airduct ;)
He's not going to put the card in, how else is he going to get to look at her :D
Transparent cabinet!

The hub didn't know what to get for me, so he gave me a $50 giftcard (with tax!) to the BESTEST electronics/robotics candystore here in WA.

He didn't know that I hadn't found this place yet, and now he's opened the floodgates!


Merry christmas :D

Sounds like you shouldn't have too much trouble spending your giftcard :) Have fun!

Oh yes... :3

I'll be sure to post pics!

You really know you are a dork when you are stoked about getting this from Santa...


I really do like splitting wood though...

Maybe you can get Walter to do that? Make him earn his recharge cycle!