Let's Make Robots!

What did you get for Christmas

I figure sooner or later someone will ask this anyway. So lets show everyone the cool robot stuff we got for Xmas :)


I got a PIC18F4550 development board. This has a 20Mhz crystal but via internal PLL can run at up to 48Mhz. It can be reprogrammed via USB and has 32Kbyte program memory and 2Kbyte ram. The bread board in the middle can be removed to reveal plated through holes/pads (you can see some either side of the breadboard). I might solder in some "H" bridges later. On the right it has some LEDs, pots, speaker and switches that can be used with the breadborad for prototyping. The post are spaced to take 2 mini boards such as RTC, Eeprom etc.

Now I just have to work out how to program it as the manual only covers the hardware. It does come with sample software but a lot of it is VB6 or C.

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Just found out that I need a programmer to program my new toy. I've ordered it but it cost me $81 US including express postage and handling. On the upside it will also program heaps of other PICs.
What is the programmer called? Is it specific to that board? You could always attach a 1x5 header and hook it up directly to the PIC if you wanted to.
The programmer I've ordered is made by the same company (ETTEAM) that produced my development board but it is compatible with most pic processors. It is set up for ICD2 and appears to do the same job as a PICkit2 like you have but without smoking FET.
Looks pretty nice, hopefully it is still supported :)

I got a ASUS1000HA and a bunch of accessories with it


That will be great for programming/controlling your robots. I have an Asus Eee PC 4G.
One of the reasons I got it :)
It runs XP excellent and looks NICE. I heard that the 4G's had hard drive issues or something.
I haven't had any problems but I am jealous after reading the specs of yours. The 4G comes with some form of Linux which I don't know how to use although it can have XP installed on it. Doesn't matter, I specifically bought this to be the high level brain of BoozeBot as it is smaller than yours (7inch screen).

I have the Higher level brain :p

My PICKIT2 Programmers work well with the netbook, with U5V around 4.85VDC :)