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Farrusco RC


This is my first experiment working with the XBee modules, and I thought it would be cool to control Farrusco.

So, first I used 2 potenciometers and assign one to each motor.. and then I used a nunchuck controller.
Both require a learning curve and only after a while you start to feel the touch :]

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I love the homemade remote control, looks as geeky as a good robot-project should^^
Is awesome :p

Good to see the nunchuck in action again - these devises are really under-rated....... thumbs up ;-)


I can´t tell where the delay comes from. But its only a few bits of a second so I don´t mind..  :)   maybe I´ll try with a higher baud rate (now using 19200).

You have this adaptor for the nunchuck. I´m not using it because I don´t have the Wii console   :)

How to connect Nunchuck without cutting the plug off.

Find an old dead PCI (graphics card - ethernet card etcetc)

Saw off the  PCI connector ..... yes cut the printed circuit board the gold plated.

Adjust it so it slots into the Nunchuck connector ( a piece 3 gold connectors wide)

Its double sided and all you have to do is tack on 4 wires and hey presto.

The Spacing and thickness of the PCI makes it a perfect snug fit.

I haven't had anything to do with the game consoles but thanks to you I now know where I can get cheap i2c 3axis accelerometers and controls.
good to know  :)
compared to the accelerometers in sparkfun the ones inside the nunchuck are really cheap  :)
I was just wondering where is the delay from, the xbee or in the Arduino? I can see that takes a bit getting used to. The nunchuck is a great idea, just gonna have to find some connectors so I dont ruin mine :) (as if its still in one piece by now anyway)
great! i'm waiting a couple of those xbee too, i'm looking forward to test them
Good idea!!   I will try that later.. right now I´m working on another bot  :]