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Farrusco RC


This is my first experiment working with the XBee modules, and I thought it would be cool to control Farrusco.

So, first I used 2 potenciometers and assign one to each motor.. and then I used a nunchuck controller.
Both require a learning curve and only after a while you start to feel the touch :]

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it would b cool if you made it semi autonomous, so it took instructions from the nunchuck, but it also used the sonar you have mounted on the front and get it to turn away from an object if it sees that it is going to run into something.
Good idea!!   I will try that later.. right now I´m working on another bot  :]
great! i'm waiting a couple of those xbee too, i'm looking forward to test them
I was just wondering where is the delay from, the xbee or in the Arduino? I can see that takes a bit getting used to. The nunchuck is a great idea, just gonna have to find some connectors so I dont ruin mine :) (as if its still in one piece by now anyway)
I can´t tell where the delay comes from. But its only a few bits of a second so I don´t mind..  :)   maybe I´ll try with a higher baud rate (now using 19200).

You have this adaptor for the nunchuck. I´m not using it because I don´t have the Wii console   :)
Is awesome :p
I love the homemade remote control, looks as geeky as a good robot-project should^^