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The "Start Here" robot Part II....code error?

While browsing the web pages associated with the "How to build your first robot",  I went to the "Part 2" page,  and copy and pasted the Clean_Navigation.bas file into PICAxe Programming Editor (version 5.2.0),  and when I click the "Simulate" menu item,  I get the following error.

Compile Error: GOSUB AFTERTURN      Error:  Only 16 GOSUB commands allowed !

This error occurs at Line 163....

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

And a warm "Hello" to all......as this is my first post.



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Wait, so the code wouldn't work in a small-capacity chip even though you'd have enough bytes available!?

 ...you're kidding me?

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Look in manual2 under the gosub command. Different picaxes are capable of different numbers of gosub routines and have different stack sizes.
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.. and sometimes you can set the chip in either 256 or 16 * gosub-mode..
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Have you got the editor set to the right chip. Presumably the code was written for a 28X1.


 You were quite correct...Sorry 'bout that...the editor was still set to the default '18'.....when I set it up for the 28x1,  everything was just fine.....

Sometimes old age sucks !!!


Indiana, USA