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USA Supplier for Picaxe Accesories

I have found it!

If you are looking for a US supplier for all the cool picaxe accesories found only in the UK... here it is!


The have:

The picaxe diplay

the good graphic display

the MP3 modual

Text to speach modual

and a bunch more!

I have not ordered from them yet but if you do, please keep us informed

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Does anyone know the name of the cable required for the USB version of the pic-axe starter kit? mine didnt come with one and im not sure what kind of connector it is.
thanks man
They're great. I've had no complaint with them, i've ordered from them 2 or 3 times. They have the whole solarbotics catalog plus the picaxe stuff.
im definitly buying my accelrometer from that place and maybe some more odds and ends

Blame Canada! Blame Canada!

 -"They're not even a real country anyway!"



Hmm, they seem to be a part of solarbotics, which is the company I already order through.

C'mon folks,

Canada is just like the US but with a little accent and hockey, right? Whatever- Someone order from these folks and tell us how it went. It's gotta be better than shipping over the pond especially when the pound is kicking the dollar's ass right now. 


Let's not show off the quality the US / Massachussetts education system.

The last time I looked Canada was not one of the 50 states. Yes, HVWtech is in Alberta CANADA.

HVWTech does have an excellent range of PICAXE stuff. 

There is usually a slight delay with shipping to the USA due to customs clearance.




From the HVWtech website you have little if any indication that it is from canada.