Let's Make Robots!


Wall Racer or RC

This is the ratb0t, he has a nervous behavior and remainds me a rat.. :]

I´m using an Arduino Diecimila to control the steering servo and the traction motor.

The XBee module recieves data from another Arduino, this one has a wii nunchuck controller attached.

Next Step: make it autonomous


Update: 31 Jan 09

I´ve added two ultra sound sensors and now I´m trying to make this bot a wall racer. Due to its drifting capabilities its being very hard to code this, but I will find a way.
I´ve replaced the 4 AA batteries by a small 7.2V battery and now he has more power wich also means more nerves..   :D

So,  after a couple of hours of trying and trying, I quit, and decided to relax and enjoy some drifts..  :]



Update: 5 . Feb . 2009

my first attempt of making this bot autonomous.. obcessed by walls… a wall racer!
slow for now… next time will be faster

just added one more video

 Update: 6 . Feb . 2009

new video with another attempt  :)

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Hey, I totally love this one! I want one!!


the front part... welll.....   its from ...  i dont´t know the name in english, it´s from a vandalized Epilady thing..   :)

*COUGH* Hair Remover *COUGH*
yeah!!  Hair Remover   lol    ..it was a gift from my mother, she told me it was broken and I never tried to repair it  :D
Yaw! > Tell her you have fixed it, and send us the video :D
it was the first thing I did  :D   she loved it   :D
This is a COOL ROBOT. 5 stars totally!
thnx  :)
Way cool! Very original.