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Wall Racer or RC

This is the ratb0t, he has a nervous behavior and remainds me a rat.. :]

I´m using an Arduino Diecimila to control the steering servo and the traction motor.

The XBee module recieves data from another Arduino, this one has a wii nunchuck controller attached.

Next Step: make it autonomous


Update: 31 Jan 09

I´ve added two ultra sound sensors and now I´m trying to make this bot a wall racer. Due to its drifting capabilities its being very hard to code this, but I will find a way.
I´ve replaced the 4 AA batteries by a small 7.2V battery and now he has more power wich also means more nerves..   :D

So,  after a couple of hours of trying and trying, I quit, and decided to relax and enjoy some drifts..  :]



Update: 5 . Feb . 2009

my first attempt of making this bot autonomous.. obcessed by walls… a wall racer!
slow for now… next time will be faster

just added one more video

 Update: 6 . Feb . 2009

new video with another attempt  :)

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I'm loving this bot.  Thanks for sharing!

He just needs to backup when against the wall. lol

He even sqeeks like a rat. :D

yep, the 3-point-turn thingey!  :)
It's brilliant!
I still have to try to make it to stay closer to the wall..

That's one of the coolest moving robots on this site. Love the headlight. Considering the origins of the drive motor, thats one rat you don't want running up your leg!

Nice video editing too :)

Lucky me for removing the blades out  :)
Hope you don't mind but I think I'll have to try a RatBot design, it's too cool to let you have all the fun :D