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Advert. Idea

 Alright first of all this is no advertisement but read on. Instead I have poosted an idea that I have had. This is what if we were to post forum entries about companies parts, kits, products, and etc. and every new post made we could ask the company to donate a small sum of money for the good of LMR.

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Add a shop :D

I think this is a very good idea.

First of all; Development on LMR is not the fastest in the world, because it is all voulenteer work done by people who'd rather use their time on building robots.

With that in mind, I can tell you that we are in fact optimizing LMR so that it will be a nice place for vendors to have their products. See how (when writing this) Pololu has already got their complete catalouge into the components-section.

However, the components-section needs to be worked on, before it is really nice for the vendors. Right now this work is waiting on me like many other things, and soon it will be waiting on Dan ;)

However, bottom line is that we like vendors, and we like their products. And they should like the people at LMR. Thus we should work together, and that is what we who are developing the site are trying to do :)

Hang on, we will come with more.. one little step at a time ;) 

What will we do with the money.
I was thinking for the development of LMR or perhaps to give back to some donors to LMR like Frist of BOA

If we ever make any money, first of all the people who is / has been paying money will get them back. Dan is paying hosting out of he's own pocket as it is now! I paid a programmer in a long time to initiate the site.

If we ever get to the point where we are making more than we spend, we will look at it then :9 But right now we are not making any!

And we are not going to have Google ads or any other ads on the site, we'd rather just pay ourselves. But IF we should make money one way or the other, as written above; First payback to those who have spended, then we will see :) 

But couldn't we ask companies for donations if we sponsor some of thier products as in entire catologues using that donated money we could either use it as spending money or when the point when we seem to be making more than we spend (may that day soon!) we can start to pay back our supporters and I dont mean like adverts i mean just add thier catalogues to our componets section
Spending money for who and for what?
Honestly I don't know I would allow the BOA to sort that out the basic idea is getting money for adding companys catologue to our componets section its just an idea could definently use so;me tweakin.