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Environmental laws for disposing of etchant/batteries/etc.?

So I posted about PCB fabrication here, and now that I have some etchant, I'm wondering what to do with it when it is all used up...

Being the hippy that I am (and living in hippieville, e.g. Seattle), I know there are strict laws about disposing of wastes.

I'm pretty sure of this, but even when all the etchant no longer works, is it something that NEEDS to be taken to a hazardous waste facility?

I feel silly asking, but eh.. just a few years ago it was ok to throw away diapers and batteries and just drain your used motor oil into the stream...

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There are different kinds of etchant. Some can be replenished by reversed electrolysis. Some just need replacement.

I would guess all kinds of etchant (depleted or otherwise) ought to be processed as hazardous waste. Just make sure that the receiving party knows what it is exactly, so they know how to process it. I would imagine that your municipality has a service for that. Mine does. Free of charge.