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Sharp IR Sensor with PICAXE-40x1 Oddity

I am using both a PICAXE-40x1 and a Sharp IR proximity sensor.

My issue is: when I download my code to the PICAXE chip the program editor throws an error saying "cable unplugged, floating pin, etc." When I pull the ground wire on the sensor, the code will download. Clearly an issue with the sensor or how I have it wired. Per the sensor schematic, I have power, ground and signla all wired in.

Has anyone run into anything similar?


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Yeah vcc is tied to 5vdc, gnd to 0vdc, and vo to adc7.

What could I possibly be doing wrong?

Send us a picture of your setup. I think the fault is in how your connecting the serial/usb to the picaxe. Sounds like your shorting the serial in or serial out. The other possiblity is that your accidently connecting Vo to the positive supply which is the next pin on the IC from adc7, if so your shorting your 5V out via the IR sensor. Hope you haven't damaged the sensor :/

Recheck that Vo is connected to pin 10 of the IC and not pin 11!

Seems I had some buggy code. In fact it had nothing to do with the Sharp sensor. I had my baud rate for motoro control set incorrectly and it was causing all sorts of strange behavior.

Thanks for the help.

Vcc goes to your +5V, Gnd goes to your 0V and the Vo should go to an analog input. Where have you connected Vo?