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How To Control Two Servos With An Arduino (QUESTION)

Hey guys for Christmas I go an Arduino Duemilanove and a robot chasis called a scooterbot that had two servos built into it. Anyway me being a complete noob to the Arduino I have no idea how to control two servos (by control I mean hook up to the Arduino and program). Could somebody please explain to me how?

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You can control 2 servos accuratly with the hardware timers or you can use the software servo library to control 20 and maybe lose some precision. Plug the servo signal cable into pins 9 & 10. Plug the + lead of the servo into some AA batteries, and plug the servo GND leads into the arduino GND.

Check the arduino playground, click "interfacing with hardware" on the left, and go down to the servo section. The playground has excellent information regarding connecting anything to an arduino.

Hey sounds good thanks man!