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proto flying bot

hover and move by itself

 Jan 1

right now im waiting for some parts, Arduino Duemilanove, Protoshield, L293D x2, atmega328, and some other stuff

im still trying to find some dc motors and props with a side of 2 servos still need to stop by the local hobby shop

and i havent decided on the sensors

as soon as parts come in ill  have some pictures on the progress theres not much to do till then

 Jan 2

i found this 


im going to dremmal some plastic and try and add a duct to it to see what will happen(thanks Saotome)



jan 3


today i purchased a few more parts that may be needed down the road...

as the story goes, I was on my way to Hobby-town USA....a hobby shop that has lots of rc parts (i needed a new servo for my RC copter and a new transmitter antenna)......when i got there the store was for lease and not a part in site....so i decided to go find a radio shack  after a bit i found one ..... as i am browsing through bins of parts i happend to find so interesting parts.


1 ping)) ultrasonic distance sensor  $32.99

1 memsis dual-axis accelrometer    $32.99

both from parallax

 and best clearance find ever  for $5.97 i picked up a vex power pack...which included 2 batteries NiCD 7.2v 2000mA + 9.6v 100mA with harnesses and a duel charger 

this will come in handy all i need to do is pick up some power connectors 

I  also purchased 2 sets of IR emetters and detectors (2 of each) and 2 DC motors for a later project and npn + pnp transistor grab bag

 now im just waiting for my Arduino which hopefully be in, in the next few days

as for the fan i started it up and it has some good airflow but oddbot was right not enough power to lift itself but if i added another fan it would make a  good hovercraft base but that is for another project

 on hold for now

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i have looked at some ducted fans and have talked to some rc hobbyiests and decided that my best chances are with this one here (ducted fan) its a little pricey at the moment so im putting this bot on the baack burner for now

hopefully in FEB i can pick this back up 

well time to plan my next bot  and a hovercraft design for the third one

you're gonna have to use some light batteries for that. What are your plans?


have you thought about computer fans? i bet you could make them pretty light if you cut away the extra plastic and some move quite a bit of air. would be fairly easy to attach ducts to them as well.


This is a 3 phase brushless motor ducted fan designed for model aircraft with it's speed controller that accepts standard servo inputs. It draws a lot of amps at full power so it needs a LiPo battery. This fan is only 75mm (2 and 3/4 inch).

i have seen some very similer

i would like to use the high end ducted fans....but i dont want to drop $50 + dollars on just the motor and another 50 bucks on the fan itself but it would be worth it maybe in FEB i will buy myself a gift for myself for surviving V day

i have seen this place that sells RC parts for pretty cheap and that is the fan i saw that caught my eye ( still trying to figure out how much thrust/lift is needed est 16oz)

i was thinking of useing PC fans ...they have enough speed but i dont think they have the torqe to really getit flying but it is an alternitive use for one i might just test an old 50mm fan that i have sitting around

also i was planning on using my 9.6 LiPo for this project since....i know its powerful enough to keep my blade CP hovering for 20 mins and adding the extra battery for the MC (9V)

This ducted fan is far more powerful than any PC fan and despite it's small size and light weight it wont lift it's own weight. Unless your going to use/modify an existing helicopter setup I think you'll have trouble getting off the ground. On the other hand you could make a decent hovercraft robot with some of the more powerfull 150mm (6inch) PC fans if you keep the weight down.

im definetly going with the ducted fans, I just need to find one that is suitble in power, size,and price (going to the local hobby shop today to look at my options) i may find another option at the hobby shop too ...

i think if i balance it i dont think i will need the third fan but later on after i get the basics down i may add a small one on a tail for more maneuverability  

I am planning about 8 to 12 inches across and using 2 ducted fans one on each side of the brain

since this version is just gonna hover and move slow i think sonar will work fine  i might add an accelromter later on for more automated flight but right now  simple will be best



Aside from more lift (at the cost of battery life) three ducted fans in a triangle would give you better stability and control.
How big will it be? Are you looking at a helicopter style or something unique? depending on how quickly you want your sensors to respond and conditions. Sonar isn't affected by daylight but has a delayed response (with my maxbotix sensor it's about 50mS). SHARP IR sensors will respond quicker but are affected by bright sunlight to some extent.