Let's Make Robots!


proves a point about materials
music_score_to_video.mp33.25 MB

You asked for it! This cost me all night. Including video editing, voiceovers and retakes! Uploading, deleting and reuploading...

No Pulse for all of you this week!



Play your own music with the video. Suggestion attached. Y*t*b has me on a copyright offenders watch list or something. They probably should.

Tech description: blah
dimensions: well duh! figure it out! count the little squares!
brain: nope
sensors: nope
robot: nope
motors: yep
power: a little bit


[fidgety power switch]




[skid under the vehicle]

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Doesn't help me much, bro...

1/4" x 1/4" or 10 mil?

the squares are 5mm in Benelux  

cardboard rocks!

(the masked foamboard addict) 

Now I know exactly how big it is!! Thank God, that was going to keep me up at night.

This paper is 60 gram per square meter. The bot weighs 128 grams on my kitchen scale.


We really should get those tags visible!

Who moved my cheeeeese ?


"Sexy Oragami Trailer Bot With Blue Pin Stripe White Walls Does Break Dancing"
You already had the motors, $12.99 for a pizza? Does beer come with that?

Thanks Rik.

wow man thats simple but cool. too often i can just get everything to complicated in my robot planing.

i just need to see how cool of stuff you can make with some papper, cardboard, and parts averybody has.



rotfl at the video :P