Let's Make Robots!


proves a point about materials
music_score_to_video.mp33.25 MB

You asked for it! This cost me all night. Including video editing, voiceovers and retakes! Uploading, deleting and reuploading...

No Pulse for all of you this week!



Play your own music with the video. Suggestion attached. Y*t*b has me on a copyright offenders watch list or something. They probably should.

Tech description: blah
dimensions: well duh! figure it out! count the little squares!
brain: nope
sensors: nope
robot: nope
motors: yep
power: a little bit


[fidgety power switch]




[skid under the vehicle]

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I laughed my ears of when you posted this. I still think there should be an award for this bot. Especially for the fact that poor CTC couldn't figure out the size with the inches, feet and other outdated, illogical, non-linear and unpractical measures from the other side of the big water...


I never realized I was namedropped in the video untill Rik mentioned it in this weeks Pulse..

Woooo! That sort of make me famous! Oh, but hey, wait, what did he mean by wankers? Oy! you cheeky foreigner! I hope wanker is a dutch word for really handsome blokes without hairy palms...

It even says "No Pulse for all of you this week!". I guess that's outdated by now. 8-)
i like origami skillz


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

for as long

as bats keeps going

or motors stop going

Y T B ? is that a band? you must have realy pissed them off to be on thier watch list !!

No, it's Youtube refusing to make my uploaded videos public because it has someone's music in it. Apparently they have some automatic tune recognizing software running, because they catch it within minutes of me uploading it. Twice in a row now 8-( They name the band and title and everything. I tried to trick the software by inserting a voice over, but I guess it was too short, too little and too late into the video.

Maybe I should start hiring musicians for my videos. But I'm afraid that would cause some serious delays in all my projects.


there must be a way to fool the system, too bad, a good video should alwayse be acompanied by good music!