Let's Make Robots!

electric stimulus / myoelectric sensor ( Daito Manabe )

I want one!

(And i'd make it more melodic / rhythmic, I want it to make me dance! :D)

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car battery -> crocadile clips-> job done. Im gonna be rigging my cat up to an arduino and a car battery later, see if i can make the little scamp bust some moves. 
I think he mimed it :]
Me too.. I think he plays along.. However; Turn off sound - that is not miming IMHO, he has got to be the sharpest mimer then - and for that alone it is worth giving him credit if for nothing else :)

I imagine that would be very possible depending on where you attach the electro-"stimulators"

Didn't the CIA do this?

no thats just frits! new drum machine. Frits figured out a way to get the bot to grow facial hair!
omg: he totally rewired his own muscular control! moving his eye brows using his fore arms.