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Almost done with LDM construction

23.jpgAhh, I've made a lot of progress. LDM is now almost complete, construction-wise. I still want to cram in a second drumstick up front somewhere, and of course I need to attach that sampling board hanging out in space (I'll probably just hot-glue it to the side), but there's enough there to start working on the code.

I've got some basic navigation and drum-playing code done. It all needs refinement, but at least there's a foundation done. The navigation routine only looks for large flat surfaces like walls right now. It works, but not as well as I'd like, because I'm getting some unreliable numbers from the SRF05. Pretty often, the robot will be at an angle to the wall, like a foot away, and the SRF will report that all three directions are within an inch or two of each other, so it thinks it's lined up and goes to town. Gotta figure out where the problem is.

My "approach the wall" code also needs work. Rather than staying an inch or two away like he's supposed to, often he'll end up pressed right up against it, and since my drumstick is right up at the front of the robot, there's no space for it to swing. Maybe I should have mounted it leaning farther back somehow,

So yeah, plenty left to do, but I'm getting there. Woo!

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Wow this is great! I love these robots!


By any chance do you know what wood that is called?

Thanks :) The 1/8" plywood is birch. The 1/4" didn't specify what type it was, but I imagine it's also birch. Hope you'll post your robot when you build it.


Ty, I was waiting for the treads and while im waiting I was going to figure out what that was. Looks great :D


EDIT: also how is the sound quality? is it any good? Maybe adding a better speaker would improve it even more. Youtube vid sounds a bit scratchy, but hey its sound :D 

Thanks. The sound quality isn't great, but I've noticed (at least with that speaker that I'm using) that it sounds a LOT better when it's in some sort of enclosure to separate the air above and below the speaker. So I might build a little box or something to mount it in. On the other hand, it's just playing back tapping noises, so there's not a whole lot of timbre etc there to begin with, it's really just clicks.


Remember, the SRF05 is only accurate from 3cm to 3 meters; maybe it gets closer than 3cm when it runs into the wall?