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Hi, I am new here and am starting my first robot project.

I have 10 years of IT and Computer experiance along with 5 years of Java and C# development. I am starting to learn C++ and have an idea of the first robot I want to build. It will be based on the tutorial on this website. The last time I did anything in BASIC language was when I was 10 lol. But anyway here is my list of hardware from what I have learned on this site so far. Can you please let me know if it will work or if I will need anything extra to make it work?


MOP-AL162A-BYFY display

  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Display Current: 10 mA
  • Back Light Current: 150 mA

AXE Stack-28 Starter Kit (USB)

- 'AXE Stack-28 kit (includes PICAXE-28X1)
- PICAXE Programming Cable
- 2-Panel Solderless Breadboard
- Breadboard Voltage Regulator Kit
- 140 Piece Wiring Kit

PING))) Ultrasonic Range Finder

  • Range - 2cm to 3.35m (~.8" to 11.3')
  • Supply Voltage: 5V +/-10% (Absolute: Minimum 4.5V, Maximum 6V)
  • Supply Current: 30 mA typ; 35 mA max
  • 3-pin interface (power, ground, signal)
  • 20 mA power consumption
  • Narrow acceptance angle
  • Simple pulse in / pulse out communication
  • Indicator LED shows measurement in progress
  • Input Trigger - positive TTL pulse, 2 uS min, 5 uS typ.
  • Echo Pulse - positive TTL pulse, 115 uS to 18.5 mS
  • Echo Hold-off - 350 uS from fall of Trigger pulse
  • Burst Frequency - 40 kHz for 200 uS

Battery Holder 4-AA - will put 4 1.2V rechargeables in it.

Gear Motor and Tread Package GM3 - with an extra free wheel on both sides.

L293D Motor Driver IC

GWS Standard Servo x2

  • Bearings: Bushing
  • Gears: Nylon
  • 60� speed: .23 sec @ 4.8v
  • 60� speed: .18 sec @ 6.0v
  • Torque: 47.00 oz*in (3.38 kg*cm) @ 4.8v
  • Torque: 56.00 oz*in (4.03 kg*cm) @ 6.0v
  • Measurements: 1.56 x1.14x1.40 inches (39.6 x 29.0 x 35.6mm)
  • Mass: 1.45 ounces (41.1g)

Diffused Green LED x5 - for the mouth of the bot

32 Pin SIP Sockets - for extra pins'

SPDT Toggle Switch

25LC640 SPI Serial EEPROM - for more memory.


I do understand some about electronics but am only a beginner. I will also add to it 2 360 ohm resisters for the servos.

Now I know the design is up to me I just want to know as far as voltage and hardware is that all I would need for now?

I want to make this upgradable but for now the robot will just be able to avoid objects and not run off a table. Also be able to follow a line.


Thanks for your help.









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dont use my pings capabilities anywhere near as much as you, ive only built one bot so far and ive been doing this for a couple of months. Its easy to set up and use which is why i like it. 


I am a little worried about the ping sensor. The Ping is a 3 pin set-up instead of a 4 pin. This has caused some problems for some people including me. There is a thread lying around here somewhere about it. I'll see if I can find it.
I am going with the SRF05 since it seems easier to connect. :)
I actually like the Maxbotix EZ1 sonars best, can read an analog voltage or pulse width, or serial.

Hey - someone, enter that as a component, please!

(And yes, we are going to optimize that section, I know)

But I can't find it now :\

it's a Pololu part and was hijacked when their stuff was added. It had been moved to the others category. I've now put it back where it belongs and added some tags to make it easier to find.

We got to get that components-section sorted out. Something is on it's way, trust me :) (And Dan)
Good to know for the future. :)

They are also smaller, about 1/2 the size. Bot08M has one on the front.


I found the LD293 really easy to use, only problem i found was with it overheating ( Im still to figure that out as ive been ill for two weeks =/). The ping)) i found really easy to get working and havent had any problems at all with it yet.


Thats my two cents :D