Let's Make Robots!

My first bot! THANKS FRITS!


Finally finished! Thank you frits!

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 hey that looks prety awsome.

no all you need to do is attatch a nuke launcher to kill fritz's one!

=) happy nuking

Way Cool!!

At first I REALLy wondered what the component in front was.. Till I realized it is the wire to the servo.. and coins to balance it - very clever :)

OK, boy, that's an A+

- And now what? Perhaps Part II - navigation?

Way cool, congrats, you have actually made yourself an autonomous robot!! :D (felt good, no?)

/ Fritsl

The best pets are the ones you build yourself!  My lil Servo (named after the obvious component) is my best friend.  We go everywhere together.  Best?



Servo will spawn great children.  One of which may take over the world.  I guarantee the safety of my fellow bot builders here at letsmakerobots.com

though, so fear not! 

Great Job. Im am a newbe and just getting my parts for my first robot. I will post some pictures as soon as I get all my parts. I hope mine looks as cool as yours...again nice job!!!! :)

Wicked, cjm, welcome, and looking forward to see what you make up!!

World Wide Robot Party!! 

/ Fritsl