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1st Stage - Robot Platform

This is my first robot. I use arduino Decimila for the brain and Tamiya twin motor gearbox. Sensor is Sharp IR connected to a servo.  At this moment it is an obstacle avoidance robot.The robot will be use as a base for the later stage of my work. Already i have some problem with the robot. It seem that arduino seem to go crazy when i use battery to power it. I dont know what the prolem is. I am thinking maybe because i am using only a single 9v battery to power both the arduino and the motor.  


 2nd Stage (

Here, My plan is to make a wireless control robot using a pair of xbee for data transfer and  put a camera on the robot. For the camera, i will be using my e51 mobile phone to send images via bluetooth and can be viewed on the computer using free wwigo software.The reason is i cant afford to buy CMU cam.  I am waiting for my scholarship allowance to buy the arduino with xbees.


3rd Stage(Ideas)

I've been thinking  maybe i could get roborealm software to grab  the video from wwigo application and do some motion tracking with it. I have downloaded and test the roborealm software. So far the roborealm has been working well but i need to learn more. I've also tried to get the Roborealm to grab the feed from wwigo. So far no success yet. Any ideas are welcome.



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The bread board makes it look like it can fly lol. :D

Nice job so far.

Is that an IR sensor? It is dark but looks like one. I am using a SRF05 ultrasonic for my first bot. :D

DUH! LTR LOLGeek :) it states that in your discription. Sharp IR


dont use 9v batteries to power motors they will drain very quickly. use AA. 9v is way to much for those motors anyway they like 3-5v or so. What motor controller are you using, or are you using relays?
i'm a newbie. by the way Good advice. Really apreciate it. The motor controller i'm using is a L293D chip. Do you guys know what kind of connector i should use to connect the servo  to the breadboard to make nice & clean connection instead of wires sticking into the servo connector?