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After pressing the wrong button and deleting my blog post, I've decided to list this as a robot, but still not complete.

The original design plans look like this:


As you can see from the photo, I didn't stick exactly to the plans :) 

 I'll update with the UHF and speakjet details later.  


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The sample video clearly breaches your target environment. Diggin the UHF remote. I would be interested in seeing some detail on that.

Has anyone considered how cruel Ant is to his robot. He rips off it's head and pokes it in the eyes to make it's headless body move about :P

Where are the arms in the video?

I took the arms off for some reason and forgot to put them back on for the video. You may also notice his wheels don't match in the video. I should be able to finish him soon, I'll update the video and photos when I'm done. 
I think this robot is very fashionable!

Haha, with a design document like that, how can you go wrong? I love how he says his name when he powers up. He sounds like the bad robots in Short Circuit. I will definitely have to look into that SoundJet chip, looking forward to the rest of your walkthrough for it.


So you're running two different gearboxes? Simultaneously, or what?
I like the little white glove look of those hands. Very cartoonesque.
Pretty fun watching it zip around, wans't it your daughters design? Nice job on the hands, ought to be fun watching the action while it's rolling. And to hear what you come up with for the Speakjet.
Love the hands, polymorph I assume. I also liked the way it pops a mono in the vid. What are you using to generate the voice when it it first turned on?
Thanks Odd, your right about the polymorph, took ages to get the look I was going for. The sound is from a speakjet chip http://www.speakjet.com/, Frits will say it's a peice of crap, but I'm having fun with it. I'll do a walkthru for it later.