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I dont mean to be rude... but

In the components section Pololu has like his whole store almost. lol

Which I personally dont have a problem with but there is no application information for these items. And no discussion for these items. I was going in there to look at some stuff and just see a lot of copy and paste from the store. I was just wondering if this was allowed or if that person can add some application information to the posts.

Thanks for listening. :)

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If you've got some application info on a particular product, you can add it to the component page. As a comment, or, as an edit of the page itself. Component pages are in fact wee wikis.

Polulu does not have that service in their online catalogue. Only on LMR!

its a system in place for us. and your stuff is on top. cool I get it now. sorry for the misguided post.
We are working on it.. s-l-o-w-l-y - and it will be a beter system.. and with more vendors products :)