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u90photo?authkey=Nw-ajjOggR4#5189447697979536114This robot is in its early stages. construction.

There is still loose cables and all, but it should be pretty awsome.

i think everyone loved fritz's yellow drum machine so i realy wanted one and the only way i knew how was with lego.

my mindstorms robotics invention system will do all the drumming.

while my mindstorms nxt finds the object moves and records the sound.

please make a coment.

and fritz your my hero.... =)

well not really issac asimov is!

update # 1


ok... ive finished building this thingy this (actually quite brittle) little lego drum machine.

i havent started programming yet but it will be pretty difficult.

ive moved some parts around and taken some off but my biggest concern is that when it drumms on something it wont be loud enough because it doesnt use servos. =p so we'll just have to see.


id put up some more pics but i dont know how so if someone could tell me that would be great.

update #2

alrighty! i have finaly got a movie for you all to watch.

i dont really know how to embed it so i ll just give you the address.



its a little rusty at the moment. when it moves forward thats when it starts drumming it pauses, moves back and then so on. the only thing holding me back at the moment is that i need more rechargable batteries for it.

no point wasting normal ones.

update #3

this is my last update.

i am sorry to anounce that my robot had multiple flaws.

#1 structure. it was too weak and broke, ( can be improved )

#2 hybrid nxt and rcx. the two are based on different buiding measurements. ( nxt odds, rcx evens)

                    this put alot of building contections out.

#3 programming, the nxt was a little tricky in programming when i dont really use it that much,

                     plus i havent used the rcx in about 2 years!

#4 batteries. i will get a lot of posts about his but, the price on recharale batteries is pretty high and

                    is also pretty expensive to keep buying the normal non-recharables


well the robot will be scrapped and my idea can be continued by anyone who is willing to.

thank you for reading.

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well i started with the mindstorms rcx its prety good, no programming experience required.

then i went to the nxt mindstorms a little more advanced better programming cappabillities.

then i bought 3 books from amazon and found out they were prety advanced.

(123 PIC microcontroller experiments for the evil genius,123 robotics experiments for the evilgenius, mechatronics for the evil genius)

i then bought the absolute beginners guide to robot building...   not really absolute and then i got the Beginners guide to robot building by david cook. which was a good one.

and i ve been experimenting with electroncs and robotics and god knows what ever since.

so thats my life story i hope you liked it. =)

ten years later Nester became the owner of Robotics Australia.

Sorry it didn't work out with the Lego, but I'm really impressed with how well you did with it. Yeah, rechargeables are really expensive -- I still only have 4 rechargeable AA's that I have to keep moving from one robot to another, because I can't afford to spend another $20 on another 4 yet. Ditto with 9V -- just one 9V rechargeable would be $20, plus I'd have to spend $30 on a charger that supports 9V. So I'm still using disposeable 9Vs for now, but eventually I'll obviously have to finally spend the money on it. At least, once you've bought it, you can finally stop spending more money on batteries.

I've actually been meaning to look more into the NiMH or LiPo battery packs available at hobby shops for use in R/C vehicles. The only reason to use rechargeables in the standard AA, AAA, etc sizes is so you can use them in electronics that were designed to use conventional alkaline batteries. But in this case, we're designing the electronics ourselves, so there's no real reason to stick to that format.


It's a shame you had to abandon the project. Ask for rechargables for your next birthday ;) The sign of a true geek. What do you want for your birthday? Batteries and a radioshack gift certificate! Good thing I'm only 2 months away!

Don't sweat the petty things. Don't pet the sweaty things.

Hey Nebster,

 I just found this http://leocad.gerf.org/

LeoCAD is a CAD program that uses bricks similar to those found in many toys (but they don't represent any particular brand). Currently it has a library of more than 1000 different pieces.  It may help you with future versions!

I have used LeoCAD a lot and it is definitely nice to work with!