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Make robots talk.. to each other.. dirt cheap!

UPDATE: More info on the subject here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/5194

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I have this thing in the back of my mind that "the next step" for me must be my robots talking to each other.

In the very little time I have for building & playing & researching these days, I have been playing arouund with pulsating lights, robots feeling the bass from a stereo, the very useful "external timer" commands within the Picaxe libraries and such.. But have not found that killer app that I was looking for.

Staring out in blank nothing, thinking.. oh, if only I could buy like 10+ Easy Radio transmitters.. but that would be quite expensive.. and so I just browsed, and wow!

You can really get some dirt-cheap wireless communication devices now! Holy cow, tomorrow I will browse more and order some.

How about 10 of these:


- That's 5 robots communicating 2-way wireles for about USD 50 including p&p!! 

- or check out this page for inspiration:



Sworm robots may be just around the corner :)


Let's hear it if anyone can find better deals for robots informing each other, just within a space of say 10 meters. 

I only browsed google for about 5 minutes, sure there is more to find out there :)

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That would not be dirt cheap though :) More than USD 5!
well i think it could work, but i dont quiet understand it fully so yeah hope it works though

you r gonna help me whoop on the xmos contest.

you are very competent people

Those are indeed dirt cheap! And a lot cheaper than using bluetooth as I was considering (to establish a wireless link between my PC and an Arduino).

However I read somewhere that they're not so stable if you wanna send/receive larger amounts of data, so one should use something called the manhattan method for data reconstruction..Anyone has experience with this they would like to share?


This "warm-up" method was invented by Frits and works flawlessly. I use it on Walter for RC and I have also used it to send data back and forth from my laptop (using processing) to my picaxe chips. I have sucessfully driven my robot using a virtural joystick on the screen and sending serial data via RC. I average about 98 or 99% clean data transfer with only a little "cough" from time to time.

I'll be reading up on that.. As well as the manhattan method. Even a 1-2% dataloss may cause severe problems for me if I don't take the proper precautions.