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Impossible Question...

I was driving with my son Phoenix, in the truck when he asked about the things hanging from my rear-view mirror and why they swing during corners. I explained centrifugal force, which he easily understood. The very next day as I was adding wood to the fire, he asked, "if there was a fire in your truck, would the flames bend when you turned"? First off, I was amazed and proud at what a kick-ass question this was coming from a 6-year-old. Second, I was struck with the fact that I had no friggin' idea. So, here is the question, fellow geeks and nerds...

(all of this assumes you can remove the wind factor)

A) Does a flame have mass?


B)  Is a flame affected by centrifugal force?

Now, tell me that is not a damn-good question.

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I would say try it out!

You can get a lighter with a variable flame. take of the metal housing and crank it up so the flame is a few inches tall.

I would say it would go opposite, much like helium.


Sounds like another video experiment! (cue rik)

but busy 8-(

also, (read below) this one is for Phoenix to explain to us!

Go opposite!! --I never thought of that. It would be like a centrafuge... Heavy stuff to the outside.

Crap, I've got this stuck in my head again...

Good question, and my thought is that no it would not bend, why, I don't know though. I think you would  see the flame at an angle due to the roll(unless you can keep it flat) of the vehicle during that said turn.
Flames are gasses and gasses do have mass. So flames would be affected by centrifugal force.

Keep this conversation going, please! There is allready a light split going on what we think would happen. Well, if a group of robot-geeks are devided on a phyisics question, it's gotta be a damn good question!

Seriously, I know, I know, everyone thinks their kid is the greatest/ cutest/ smartest/ whatever...But man, my kid asked a question that stumped Robot-Geeks!!!


Looks like this has been thought about before....

for spolers click here.

perfect, this will be discussed at the breakfast round table tomorrow! Dim sum and physics!!!


wow, interesting that the enclosure makes the difference here. i'd never said it

You nailed it, girl!!

I think I have asked 50 people this question... You are the first!