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I'm building a robot based on my old RC-car and an arduino. The motor-control in my cars is "mechanical" where a servo switches the motor on/off etc. I would like an electronic motor-control instead...and i'm pretty lost.

Do you know a simple motor-control that will make the motor go forward,  just for a start? ;)

I think my motor draws a lot current so L293D is out of question..


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I think you may want to start liking that "servo"-thingey. I think it may be quite an expensive motor-controller, PWM-controlling the speed. These are vey nice, much nicer than relays for something like this.

Yiou should post some pictures :)

I tried RC-car yesterday - full speed is way too fast indoor! Maybe i'll use the servo throttle anyway. 

Otherwise i'll get another motor, possibly the tamiya double gearbox (http://www.hobbytronik.se/product_info.php/cPath/41/products_id/159). Do you have any experience with hobbytronik? seems cheap

I will post some pics, when its done :) So far i have finished servo control and the sonar + a very simple navigation program. 

I would assume that this is a big-boy rc car (the kind that is like $200 or so) with a very big drive motor. I would also assume it is a big 7.2 or bigger ni-cd pack. Still more, I'm gunna guess you are probably in the 20 amp draw range. This is about the same as the motors I am using to drive my robot. I have to be honest with you, if indeed your motor is in the 20 amp range this is going to be a minimum of $100 bucks --If you can etch your own board. Off the shelf, you are looking at about $200. I would search big motor dirver here and there is a ton of info to go through.  -- good luck


Put some numbers to your guesses. Can you measure how much current these motors draw? They will draw the most when they go all out while you hold (stall) them.

Knowing the max current will help you decide which motor control method to chose. And will help us advice you.