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shaping polymorph using paper templates

After two weeks of cutting paper and cardboard, I cannot help but wonder:

Would molten Polymorph soak a piece of paper? Has anyone tried this yet? Think of all the hot applications!

8ik (just ordered half a kg)

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sulfurized cooking paper maybe ?

it's heat resistant, grease and waterproof


or "bakewell paper" which is a siliconised non-stiking baking paper

Soak? Huh?
melt the polymorph
put a piece of paper in (ordinary drawing paper perhaps)
let it soak: the polymorph would (hopefully) get absorbed into the paper
pull the paper from the molten goo
let it cool and harden
ét voilá: a flat piece of polymorph in the exact same shape as the piece of paper

Or that is what I am hoping anyway.

That's a negative, nogo, sir. It would not soak, only glue in a thick layer. Would make a mess!
back to the drawing board!

Can you poor molten polymorph? If so, then the traditional approach would be to make a master template in wood or something then make a negative using, say, wet sand (which would be firm enough to hold its shape. Then poor the polymorph into the sand and let it set. I'm sure there's a load of technical terms that I don't know, but you get the thingy.


But I was hoping I found a new technique to add to our box of tricks.One that would be great for creating very intricate designs in very thin surfaces.
To soak in water, you'd need something that was fluid when melted. Polymorph is gluy. Yes. That is a word.

you could do it like a candle, dip the paper in and take it out till it gets coated then do whatever you want with it

i have never tried this because i dont have pmorph, but it might work