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shaping polymorph using paper templates


After two weeks of cutting paper and cardboard, I cannot help but wonder:

Would molten Polymorph soak a piece of paper? Has anyone tried this yet? Think of all the hot applications!

8ik (just ordered half a kg)

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 It's heartwarming, really.

Except that rik hasn't taken me up on the offer. 

Relax rik! It is possible to print on it, so you can make it look like your 5mm grid paper. -Or you could even print some pizza logos on it if that makes'em easier to work with:-D Just joking..

-And I've discovered another neat feature: if you fold it, then run a hot iron along the fold, you'll get killer paper planes. I've sent them out of my 4th floor window and later gone down to the parking place to retrieve it and simply brush of snow and dirt, and it's almost as good as new.

  / vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

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No I have not. Yet. I am awaiting my first batch of PolyMorph to arrive. And see what I can experiment on that.

I never had any speific problem to solve or application to discover. I just wondered about this little question.


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Xerox has a paper called PREMIUM NEVERTEAR. It feels like thick paper or plain white (thin) cardboard, but it's made of polyester. It's waterproof, difficult to fold/crinkle, and it doesn't tear. The thickest quality I have lying arond the office now is 270g. It comes all the way down to 80g I think (that's "normal" copy paper thickness). Maybe I should send you a sheet for testing? Send me your adress if you interested, OK?

 / vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

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I love this; People sending stuff to each other, so cool!

Every day is a party in here :D Gifts and stuff. I just send a chip to Ant, who is on the other side of planet earth than me.. some time ago he send me some polymorph. I think I send him some servos as well, yes I did. Cool.

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Good idea Odd, I hadn't thought of using corflute, cheap and (fairly) strong.
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Thank you for telling me what it's called. I'd like to try making a lightweight robot out of it and miniture servos. Maybe a biped like I saw in the video.
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Hot polymorph is very thick and sticky like honey out of the fridge. For what you want to do, impregnating paper or cardboard with plastic to make it stronger/stiffer, I suggest disolving polystyrene in paint thinner. Make a near saturated solution, this removes all the air and leaves you with a liquid (and flamable) styrene plastic. Soak your paper/cardboard in that and allow to dry in the sun. I don't think it will be much stronger but at least it would be water resistant.

I think that for paper you would be much better of with a laminator and to be honest, ditch the paper and just run the laminations straight through, they have a coating of glue that melts when hot and sticks the two sides together. If you have paper in the middle the two sides stick to it and when you cut the lamination into shapes, the paper just tears allowing the two halfs to seperate.

As for cardboard, realestate agents (in Australia anyway) use a corrugated plastic that looks like cardboard for their cheap signs because it's weather resistant. I've seen a working bi-pedal robot made from this and servos alone.

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you could do it like a candle, dip the paper in and take it out till it gets coated then do whatever you want with it

i have never tried this because i dont have pmorph, but it might work

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Soak? Huh?