Let's Make Robots!

Walter's eyes... And the Winner is...

 After coding and reviewing all of the entries, Kari, our (temporary) flatmate Eliza and myself have made a decision.

The winner is rik with the "I forgot my glasses" entry. --rik, you have been on a roll...


***Original Post***

Yup, I'm a lazy bastard...

If any of you folks find your self bored, drunk or both and you have a minute, why don't you help me design Walter's eyes.

Here's the Rub:

You can use any ASCII letter or symbol.

The display that these eyes will be shown on is 2 Lines, 16 charicters long each.

Do it!

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This is just a little "find-me-bump" for the earch engine. Please index this node under: walter, eye, lcd, hal9000, animated gif.
Thank you!

best robot head on LMR :P
Now that's Freakin Funny :D
Good choice man... :)

Now, you know I am almost forced to code everything above onto my LCD and play it back to you, right?

Actually, I am still working on everyone else's "eye's" coding too!


--Damn good, my friend...



Have you thought about getting a job ... or a hobby ... or a wife ... or a dog?

Seiously though, top animation !!


job: cut down my work week to four days (but this crisis may cut it further if I am not careful!)

hobby: needed one for the Wednesdays (and Tuesday nights obviously)

wife: hmmm, that's a novel idea! will give that one some thought

dog: how is that different from ... ehhhm ... a ... uhhh ... job?

I know who to ask next time I need inspiration.



direct writing to LCD memory ??