Let's Make Robots!

Walter's eyes... And the Winner is...

 After coding and reviewing all of the entries, Kari, our (temporary) flatmate Eliza and myself have made a decision.

The winner is rik with the "I forgot my glasses" entry. --rik, you have been on a roll...


***Original Post***

Yup, I'm a lazy bastard...

If any of you folks find your self bored, drunk or both and you have a minute, why don't you help me design Walter's eyes.

Here's the Rub:

You can use any ASCII letter or symbol.

The display that these eyes will be shown on is 2 Lines, 16 charicters long each.

Do it!

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Zanthess's picture

I do all mine cutesy like..

happy - (^_^)


yelling happy  - \(^o^)/

tired/bleh - (-_-)

looking - ( >_>) (<_< )

confused - (O_o)

knocked out - (X_x)

love/kiss - (^3^)

That's all I can think of right now... oh! and dancing!




rik's picture
Zanthess's picture

You just made me squeal in delight.

I'm gonna go hide now.

jklug80's picture


You forgot glasses. Also works for boobs I guess.

rik's picture

animated gifs! frits hates them, so I had to try!



fritsl's picture

I love them. They serve a purpose.

Thanks, god, we did not have animated gifs all over tha pages. Therefore this relevant animation stands out.


rik's picture
Can't I do anything wrong!
Chris the Carpenter's picture

What a tiny, tiny world this is!

The monkey project is from a guy named "Dean Hall". Dean is an old family friend of ours but I haven't seen him in 20+ years. I knew he was a computer guy from back in the day, I had no idea what he actually did. Also, notice 2 things -one, the website is purple AND there is a little "power cat" logo up at the top... He must still be at K-State!! That is my home town and the university that both my parents taught at.

--Too friggin' much, yo!

At any rate, it is cool to know about this set-up but my assumption is that the serial conveter backpack won't allow this to work. Hmm, maybe i should get a blank screen and set it up with the whole "11 wires" system.


ndupont's picture

yep, what a tiny world 


as I understood that Dean's project was interfacing the LCD directly, I wandered about the fact that the serial adaptor could prevent you to access those advanced function


from what I read in the datasheet,  It looks like it's possible to send ANY command to the LCD




see ya' 

ndupont's picture

If, as from I read, your display is an Hitachi HD44780-based lcd,

it seems that you can create your own set of custom characters 


here is an howto