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FLEXEL-1 Multifunction chip

Vendor's Description: 

I've found this multifunction chip on ebay,

 the official webpage is http://www.web4robot.com/

I've just bought a pair, I'll come back to post with my tests.



Each FLEXEL chip includes 6 preprogrammed configurations:

  1. 16 channels RC Servo control
  2. Data Acquisition System: 4 analog channels with programmable gain amplifier, 14 bit
    ADC, two 9 bit analog outputs, 8 digital inputs/outputs
  3. Character LCD and 4x4 matrix Keypad control
  4. LED 7-Segment Display (4 digits) and 4x4 matrix Keypad control
  5. Up to 4 DC motor control (includes four 8 bit PWM blocks) and 16 digital inputs/outputs
  6. Stepper motor control and 16 digital inputs/outputs

The configurations can be switched in run time "On- the-fly" to match the requirements of
each individual project.

FLEXEL chip supports 3 interfaces:
wavySphere_blue.gif I2C slave interface
wavySphere_blue.gif Serial TTL interface
wavySphere_blue.gif Serial TTL inverted interface (connection to BASIC STAMP)

The simple text commands allow easy chip control from microcontroller or from PC text
terminal. Free test software and
user manual can be downloaded from web.

Click here to see the
multiple FLEXEL chip connections.



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I agree that it is probably a common MCU that's been pre-programmed. Because of the cost you are better getting a MCU that you know how to program and set it up as a slave. CTC has done something like this with Walter, using a 14M as a slave processor for extra functionality.