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FLEXEL-1 Multifunction chip

Vendor's Description: 

I've found this multifunction chip on ebay,

 the official webpage is http://www.web4robot.com/

I've just bought a pair, I'll come back to post with my tests.



Each FLEXEL chip includes 6 preprogrammed configurations:

  1. 16 channels RC Servo control
  2. Data Acquisition System: 4 analog channels with programmable gain amplifier, 14 bit
    ADC, two 9 bit analog outputs, 8 digital inputs/outputs
  3. Character LCD and 4x4 matrix Keypad control
  4. LED 7-Segment Display (4 digits) and 4x4 matrix Keypad control
  5. Up to 4 DC motor control (includes four 8 bit PWM blocks) and 16 digital inputs/outputs
  6. Stepper motor control and 16 digital inputs/outputs

The configurations can be switched in run time "On- the-fly" to match the requirements of
each individual project.

FLEXEL chip supports 3 interfaces:
wavySphere_blue.gif I2C slave interface
wavySphere_blue.gif Serial TTL interface
wavySphere_blue.gif Serial TTL inverted interface (connection to BASIC STAMP)

The simple text commands allow easy chip control from microcontroller or from PC text
terminal. Free test software and
user manual can be downloaded from web.

Click here to see the
multiple FLEXEL chip connections.



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If you remove the sticker you could see what microcontroller it is, and maybe we could open source it.

Probably a regular PIC,  I'll remove the tag to confirm

Hopefully AVR :P

What microcontroller has a 14 bit A/D?  Regardless this is a very cool chip.

Flexel-1 is a Cypress PSoC Mixed-Signal array.

The part number is CY8C27443-24PXI



This chip is very powerful for not much money.



I'll take a picture of the complete chipcode

I'm wondering if anybody has used a FLEXEL with an arduino board. I bought 2 of them, but I'm unable to communicate with the chip via i2c.

I am able to get the FLEXEL to communicate with a PC, but had to disconnect the 10K resistor from pin 2. I can successfully talk to two chips (individually) with different addresses, however, together with a paralleled bus, it fails due to loading. I have to scope this out.

I have tried on two occasions to via email to ask for assistance, but no reply from the website. Since there is no Forum or support, it appears that FLEXEL (WEB4Robot) may have something to hide. I am not too impressed with the company. The chip however, is adequate for it's use and easy to program. Don't forget to add 1K resistors to the output pins when using LEDs.


Do keep in mind Cypress offers free samples... with the fastest delivery time, ever.I literally got samples 2 days after I e-mailed.(so I just checked.. every state around me has a Cypress design center.. Idaho, Oregon, California)

I didn't check to see if this chip inparticular was sample-able. I let them know it was for personal use for robotics, they had no problem sending it over! (it was a communications controller.. had no idea what it was for at the time.. haha ruined it ages ago:D)



Have any of you tried to enter a PWM value outside of the 500 to 2500 ms range for configuration 1 (RC Servo)?  I would like to drive an L298 with this and would like to have the full range of duty cycle.