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Store Sound in EEPROM

I know EEPROM can hold letters, numbers, etc, but is it possible to add a sound to eeprom? I am guessing it could be digitized and stored that way and then dumped to a variable and played somehow, but has anyone done it? I have a 1-2 second sound I would like my robot to play when it runs into something or something unexpected happens. I know I can purchase a seperate speaker/microphone kit from tech-supplies, but I would like to keep it on the PICAXE if possible since it is such a small file.

Any ideas?

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At least in an Arduino, you read and write from an EEPROM in bytes, so any data you can break up into bytes can be stored there. So sure, you should be able to store a waveform there, but you'll have to read it out a byte at a time and reconstitute it. I also get the impression that an EEPROM might be sort of slow? I wonder if the access time could be a limitation in playing something like a sound file.


After reading manuals and such that is the conclusion I drew. Possible but unlikely to work correctly. I was hoping that someone found a way around it.

Have you considered this IC

If it is too expensive or too complicated for your liking then probably the easiest way is to set up a cheap mcu such a picaxe14M as a slave processor and fit it with a DAC and an amplifier. Sample rate will be limited.

You might consider this MP3 player.

Yeah I know I can buy other things to make it do what I want I was just hoping I could do it with just the chip.