Let's Make Robots!

LMR scrapbook

Hey guys,

More and more often our work is showcased on other sites - let's have it collected, links, scrapbook :)

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Just wait until they see the updated version :D

Thanks for adding the link ;)

no probs tinhead.

was just looking at the upgrades you posted :p


You have been "maked" too Totoro with Mail-E - congratulations to you and your email companion...........

Wow how fast! Cool, thanks for the tip Gareth!

As i saw it could interest people, i tipped those from Hack-a-Day... and there it is!

This is my theory.

once the robot gets tagged by Make Blog it gets tracked by a dozen other websites which copy-paste the content from the Make Blog/blogs/websites. Make is like a 1:N relationship. Interestingly most of the sites which (re)posted the Make Blog entry about your robot didnt add any new content to it, not even a comment. 

I'm not trying to undermine your popularity, totoro, but find it fun to watch how little effort most of the websites linking your robot put into the content they (re)create. So this is more a comment on website-trends then a comment on your specific robot. It proved to be a good example, though. 

 And grats on the famous part. I know I would be proud of myself :) 

No worry you're totally right, i noticed that most of the websites just copied the content of Make or of Ubergizmo (which is bad for this one because they mix servos and stepper motors, and put a wrong link). The only others ones with original contents are Hack a Day and Hacked Gadgets, both being the only websites i manually tipped. So much for my "popularity"... XD (and i have to say i'm all excited because it's my first time, Gareth for example must have ten times more pages about his robots!)

What amazes me is the speed of the spread, i posted it 2 days ago and it seems like it's all over the (geeky) web...

But that's a good thing to know, next time put a watermark on all my pictures with the address of the original page here on LMR! (too bad you can't know that address before posting your robot... we definitly need a draft)

It's called "Syndication". That is why RSS feeds were invented. Some webmaster decides to sunscribe to a feed and the articles that pop up are (almost) automatically incorprated into their websites. I guess most of them have to agree with the content before the "webmaster-robots" import the article.

This explains how the content is spread across so many sites so fast and why the text is so identical (errors included).