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LMR scrapbook

Hey guys,

More and more often our work is showcased on other sites - let's have it collected, links, scrapbook :)

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Bajdi's Alarm Clock on dangerousprototypes :) http://dangerousprototypes.com/2013/07/17/arduino-mp3-alarm-clock/
Fresh off the heels of Gareth's win with his POV Robot last month, I was overjoyed to get an email this morning telling me I too had won the PicAxe Project of the month for my monitor saving hack. They didn't say if mine was the editor's pick or the randomly chosen one, but It really doesn't matter to me-what matters is that I get a cool new little Microbot for free! Thanks again to Ossipee and Chris the Carpenter for getting me into PicAxe! http://www.picaxe.com/Project-Gallery/

Congrats Max :-) Well done!!!

So here was me going about my buisness when I see a tweet from Freetronics saying this: "A beginner's Arduino-controlled robot - " Curiously I clicked on the link and what did I see?! James! :D




Gee, Gareth getting on the front page of the PicAxe.com project gallery?  I know, not exactly "news" given his record! ;)  Anyway, he was ours first.  


What was the prize, G?

This is a bit complex to explain........ This was in fact my second win at picaxe ("El Skorpiano")....as prize i choose a MicroBot....

... i pimped this prize MicroBot with 5 UV_leds and re-entered into the competition .... and your link above explains the rest.

So to answer your question ....... I choose another Microbot..... maybe to enter again...haha

Congratulation Gareth, that's really a good news. Cool little robot...well done.

Hams have been using this technique for at least 60 years I know of. KE6GHS