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LMR scrapbook

Hey guys,

More and more often our work is showcased on other sites - let's have it collected, links, scrapbook :)

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Hardmouse's Arduino Android was posted on Android Community

Congratulations!!! That is really nice!!! LMR people rock!!

Congrates Oddbot and RobotGrrl. You rock!

CONGRATS!! It IS really cool as well, I understand them judges ;)

http://hackaday.com/2010/07/18/building-a-remote-control/    an older post on hackaday for my long gone remote.

It has a page here on LMR but i dont know why it was not linked to in the HAD post.


Jad-berro's sound localization and treaded rover. Guibot's Motoruino gets a mention as well.

PatrickMcCabe's MRL chess robot

Well done, LMRtians!

Mine and Gary's nano sumo robot on hackaday