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Got my stuff. Got the axe stack instead of the Picaxe regular board. Have a question.

Ok got the axe stack. I dont want to use it with the bread board. Am going to solder the pins for f/f jumpers instead. One issue I am having is what type of board to buy for my motor controler. I have L293D Motor Driver IC and would also like to add a socket for an eeprom. I am going to order a regular picaxe board like the one in the tutorial. I was just wondering if this was possible to use or should I just wait. I am going to solder it together at least. Just thought I may learn more from trying to use it. :)



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When I said solder to the axestack I meant I have to put it together. It is a kit with a board and the rest of the components. But ya I will check my firmware version. Is there no way to upgrade the firmware on these? Most devices can be updated if something is wrong with the firmware. If not then ya I will have to send it back. :(
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Yes but you need a special programmer and a copy of the bootstrap code. Picaxe jealously guard their faulty bootstrap codes so that you have to buy the preprogrammed chips from them. Maybe they'll get it sorted in V5. meanwhile V3 is the easiest to deal with. The main fault I've found with V3 is twitchy servos but Frits and others here have found ways around that.
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I wouldn't solder anything to the axestack. You can get plugs that go onto header pins rather than soldering or using a breadboard. I had to look up the axestack to know what you were talking about as I make my own boards, it's cheaper if you know how.

While you wait, plug in your axestack and check what firmware version your picaxe has. There has been a lot of trouble with version 4. You may need to send it back. Do the same when you receive your starter kit.

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I think I am just gonna wait for my Picaxe regular 28x1 board. This board looks like it is made for the bread board only. trying to hook up all the outside pins to what I need them connected to is just beyond me right now. I am just gonna wait and then start my tutorial bot. :P