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digital input trouble

ok guys, building my first picaxe robot and I have a question about the switch I hooked up.

I have a switch wired to digital input 7 and V1 and this is my code

if pin7 = 0 then foreward
goto main

low 4 high 5
high 6 low 7
goto main

for some reason when the switch is pressed or let go nothing happpens.

Any ideas why it is not working?

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Well I got it to work and not fall off tables! Here is the final code I used:

high 4 low 5 low 6 high 7
if pin7 = 0 then backwurds
if pin7 = 1 then main
low 4 high 5 high 6 low 7 pause 2000
low 4 high 5 low 6 high 7 pause 1700
goto main

( And yes I did spell backwards wrong on purpose :) )

Glad it's working, hope to see a video soon!
Should I post the video on the blog or this post?
Blog! :)
Ok thanks to everyone who helped, and I just made the video and uploaded it to youtube. Now I am just waiting for youtube to upload and then I will make a blog post