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Ladyada XBee adapter, not so good for Pro modules :(

Hi, just a note to warn you, in the case you're interested in LadyAda XBee adapter for an XBee-pro module.

They're advertized as being compatible but that's not really the case. The PRO modules have a longer tail that goes over the capacitor in the bottom, which prevent placing the module at all.

The guide says: "Make sure the capacitor and regulator sit close to the PCB, especially if you're planning to use an XBee Pro module". Unluckly, that's not enought.

Of course having received the adapters before the modules, i soldere it as explained and also cutted the legs very close, so i cannot desolder it to place it 90° tilted. Local shops don't sell that capacitor, so in the end i'll have to make a mess..



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I just bent the leads over a bit and haven't had any problems.


1. I got the kit, had the cap removed and soldered on the other side - works fine ( w/ xbee-pro)

2. (Paul)I don't have an arduino;

    I have a PC to talk to a 6811 board in a machine; rs232-9600-8-n-1; pcb from NewMicros

    First used their xbee usb dongle on the PC side and an xbee-rs232 adapter on the machine end; worked fine 

    out of the box; default settings. ( a pair of xbee-pro's)

   Next I substituted this adapter with the recommended cable on the PC side; worked fine without any tweaking.


    Note: the first USb dongle installed at COM4;

    this one then installed itself at COM5. 

    Can be changed but I dont have to.


im not sure if it would work, but you could try soldering the capacitor upside down in the PCB.

I purchased 2 of these modules along with 2 of the ladyada's adapters.


I have one hooked up to my computer and another to an arduino. I'm have an impossible time making the two damn modules talk to each.

I followed the ladyada instructions, but the modules never talked to each. I noticed that in the ladyada tutorial, she never sets any of them a coordinator, and just has two default end users.

 Has anyone with these modules gotten them to work? If so could you help a brother out and share some code or xtcu config?


Thanks a bunch, 


Purchase the 2mm headers from SparkFun and just plug them into the headers on the board to raise the XBee module higher for clearance.  You won't have to modify the board.
i would have left the leads long on the cap to allow it to bend a little to clear the module

Looks like he made up the adapter before the module arrived.

Following the instructions you wouldn`t expect there to be a problem, but maybe they changed to a different capacitor in a recent batch and didn`t realise it`s taller than the old one.

I would desolder it and make some little right angle legs and solder them back onto the cap.

Put the cap on the other side of the board?
uhm, didn't thinked of that.. it would be quite ugly but working :)
It wouldn't be pretty but you could solder header pins to the header pins already on the module to make it sit higher. You wouldn't win style points, but functionality would increase ;)