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Ladyada XBee adapter, not so good for Pro modules :(

Hi, just a note to warn you, in the case you're interested in LadyAda XBee adapter for an XBee-pro module.

They're advertized as being compatible but that's not really the case. The PRO modules have a longer tail that goes over the capacitor in the bottom, which prevent placing the module at all.

The guide says: "Make sure the capacitor and regulator sit close to the PCB, especially if you're planning to use an XBee Pro module". Unluckly, that's not enought.

Of course having received the adapters before the modules, i soldere it as explained and also cutted the legs very close, so i cannot desolder it to place it 90° tilted. Local shops don't sell that capacitor, so in the end i'll have to make a mess..



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yeah but unluckly they're not standard header, are much smaller and i don't have fitting ones..